St Patricks’s Day Five Little Shamrocks with free templates

Counting Up

One green shamrock, in the morning dew,
Another one sprouted,
and then there were two.

Two green shamrocks, growing beneath a tree;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were three.

Three green shamrocks, by the cottage door;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were four.

Four green shamrocks, near a beehive;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were five.

Five little shamrocks, bright and emerald green,
Think of all the luck
these shamrocks will bring.

Counting Down

Five little shamrocks, growing by the door
(child’s name) picked one and that left four.

Four little shamrocks, green as they could be
(child’s name) picked one and that left three

Three little shamrocks, sitting by my shoe
(child’s name) picked one and then there were two

Two little shamrocks, nodding in the sun
(child’s name) picked one and that left one

One little shamrock for St Patrick’s Day fun
(child’s name) picked one and that left none

Felt Board Magic – Shamrocks Free Pattern

Couldn’t decide – with eyes or without


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Jelly Bean Count Down

Five little jelly beans

I wish I had more!

 I’ll eat the (colour) one

 Now there are four!

Four little jelly beans.

Tasty as can be,

I’ll eat the (colour) one

Now there are three!

 Three little jelly beans.

Only a few,

 I’ll eat the (colour) one

Now there are two!

Two little jelly beans.

 Eating them is fun,

 I’ll eat the (colour) one.

 Now there is one.

 One little jelly bean.

 The last one is for me,

 I’ll eat the (colour) one.

 I’m as happy as can be!


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Five Little Easter Eggs with a free template

Five little Easter eggs,
lovely colours wore,
Mother ate the pink one,
Then there were four.

Four little Easter eggs,
two and two, you see,
Daddy ate the green one,
Then there were three.

Three little Easter eggs,
before I knew,
Sister ate the purple one,
Then there were two.

Two little Easter eggs,
oh, what fun!
Brother ate the yellow one,
Then there was one.

One little Easter egg,
See me run!
I ate the last one,
And then there were none.

This is such an easy felt set to make. Decorate the eggs with Ric Rac as I have done or use your imagination and try sequins and ribbon.

I’ve provided a template for the egg pattern here.

 Felt Board Magic – Five Little Easter Eggs Template.


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Flannel Friday Roundup for March 10

Flannel Friday Roundup for March 10, 2017.

First, Shawn has shared a flannelized version of Little Mouse and the Big Cupcake by Thomas Taylor.

Kathryn created a shy ladybug version of the little mouse game

Wendy made the most gorgeous Quilts Galore felt set – I really want to make one now.

Heather was busy this week she shared a Mouse in a House felt board and HEART version of BINGO.

Nikki shared her Eggs which did double time being used to retell Kevin Henkes’ new book “Egg, and an egg version of Little Mouse, little mouse.

I’d like to share a really easy to make Five Little Easter Eggs which includes a free egg template and Jelly Bean Count Down for playing with colours and counting.

Wendy is hosting the roundup next week.

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Our March/April Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother is Anne

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Five Balloons Up in the Air Felt Set

Five Balloons Up in the Sky

Tune 10 Green Bottles Hanging on the Wall

 Five balloons up in the sky

See them flying way up high

If one of those balloons should happen to POP

Only four balloons would be floating up top

 Four balloons up in the sky….

 Three balloons up in the sky….

 Two balloons up in the sky….

 One balloon up in the sky

See it flying way up high

If that balloon should happen to POP

There’d be no more balloons floating up top


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