Felt Board Magic Storage System or How I Store my Felt Sets

After all of your hard work to create beautiful felt board sets it’s essential to store them safely so that they don’t become creased, go missing or get damaged. After trying many different ways of storing felts sets including zip-lock bags, plastic sleeves and envelopes all of which were messy and which did not allow them to be stored easily either on a shelf or in a drawer , I developed  the following storage system which makes the felt sets easy to store, prevents them from becoming creased or damaged , makes them easy to transport and indicates when parts are missing.

What you need:

  • Printer for printing storage page templates
  • Laminator and A4 sized 125 micron laminating pouches
  • Sticky backed Velcro dots – the prickly side NOT the smooth side – 15mm (3/4 inches) diameter
  • Plastic wallets – one for each felt set

  • A vertical filing box to store all of the sets you’ve made – when you get too many you might want to upgrade to a bigger box or filing cabinets. But the smaller vertical filing box I use has a handle so when I want to take my felts sets anywhere I can just pop the felt sets I need sets into the box and away we go.

What to do

Explaining the process of making the storage system is more complicated than actually making the storage system. A case of much easier done than the description implies.

  • Create Storage Pages for each felt set using word or publisher or your prefered software. I make mine A4 sized.I create a title page for each felt set, which also lists the felt set contents. Then create as many additional storage pages as needed – this is where the actual felt set pieces will be stored. Each page has the felt set’s name at the top so if for some reason a page escapes from the wallet you it is easy to work out where the page belongs.
  • Then I ‘laminate each page using A4 laminating pouches.
  • Next I arrange the felt pieces on the storage pages to work out how they best fit. Then apply Velcro dots so that each piece is secured by lifting up each piece and strategically locating the dots.
  • Place each felt piece in the set in the location indicated by the storage page and press firmly
  • Place the storage pages in the plastic wallet , and the plastic wallets in the file box.
  • Don’t forget to place a laminated rhyme or song card in the wallet as well.


And Hey Presto – safe, secure and easy to access and transport.

PLEASE NOTE when removing felt pieces,  do so gently or the felt piece will become pilled.

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