5 Felt Board Pattern eBooks Super Bundle Pack


Five eBooks – Patterns for 58 felt sets, 63 Rhymes, Songs, Stories and games.

  1. Classic Felt Board Songs
  2. Discover the Weather
  3. Apple Harvest
  4. Celebrate Christmas: Counting to Five at Christmas Time
  5. Celebrate Christmas: All Around the Christmas Tree

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newindexclassicsongs Discover the Weather Apple Harvest Felt Board Pattern eBook

All Around the Christmas Tree Collage

Counting to Five at Christmas Time

Patterns included for:

  1. BINGO
  2. Five Cheeky Monkeys
  3. Five Currant Buns in a Baker’s Shop
  4. Five Fat Sausages Sizzling in a Pan
  5. Five in the Bed
  6. Five Little Ducks
  7. Five Little Fish Swimming in the Sea
  8. Five Little Speckled Frogs
  9. Incy Wincy Spider
  10. Five Grey Elephants Balancing Step by Step on a Piece of String
  11. Ten Green Bottles
  12. Three Jelly Fish
  13. Two Little Black Birds
  14. What’s the Weather?
  15. Sing a song of sunshine
  16. Bright Sun Shining Down
  17. Five Little Kites – Counting Up
  18. Five Little Kites – Counting Down
  19. Counting and Colour Matching Kites
  20. Five Little Leaves
  21. Five Little Clouds
  22. Five Little Raindrops – Counting Up
  23. Five Little Raindrops – Counting Down
  24. Five Little Raindrops Dancing on the Walk
  25. Rainy was the Weather
  26. Cloud and Raindrop Counting
  27. Five Little Umbrellas Waiting for Rain to Pour
  28. Five Coloured Umbrellas
  29. It’s a Rainbow
  30. Five Little Snowflakes – Counting Up
  31. Five Little Snowflakes – Counting Down
  32. Five Little Snowmen
  33. Build a Snowman
  34. Way Up High in the Apple Tree
  35. Little Worm Hide and Seek
  36. Farmer Brown has Five Red Apples
  37. A P P L E – like BINGO
  38. Five Apples in a Basket
  39. Ten Red Apples – Adding and Subtracting
  40. Apple Counting Baskets
  41. Apple Seed Counting
  42. 10 Apples Up on Top Dr Seuss
  43. A is for Apple
  44. Apple Colour Sorting
  45. Five Little Christmas Trees
  46. Five Christmas Bells
  47. Five Little Stockings
  48. Five Little Gingerbread Men
  49. Five Little Candy Canes
  50. Five Little Reindeer
  51. Five Christmas Presents
  52. Five Christmas Cookies
  53. Five Christmas Candles
  54. Five Little Elves
  55. O Christmas Tree
  56. Twinkle, twinkle Christmas Star
  57. Ten Little Christmas Lights
  58. Five Christmas Ornaments
  59. Christmas Presents
  60. Five Little Candy Canes Handing on the Tree
  61. The Toys under the Christmas Tree
  62. Five Little Candles
  63. The Lights on the Tree
Each Pattern includes:
  • A complete list of felt and supplies required
  • Full sized patterns – just print and use – no need to enlarge, reduce, trace or duplicate
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • A song/rhyme/activity card template ready to print, laminate and use

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