Little Fox, Little Fox Hide and Seek Colours and Sizes Game Free Pattern

Little fox, little fox
Playing hide and seek,
Are you in the (colour) box?
Let’s take a peek


Little fox, little fox
Playing hide and seek,
Are you in the large, medium, or small box?
Let’s take a peek

Little Fox

To play the game:

Little Fox behind the Yellow Box

 Hide the little fox underneath one of the present boxes

Then chant with the children:

Little Fox, little fox…..

Children take turns guessing which colour or size present box the fox is hiding under by identifying a present box by colour or size, and removing it to search underneath for the fox.

 If the child’s guess is incorrect replace box and begin again.

LIttle Fox Red Box

Inspired by lots of Flannel Friday posts

Little Fox Hide and Seek Game

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December 9, 2016 Flannel Friday Roundup

Wendy shared two felt sets this week:

A very cute version of The Three Little Pigs

 Three Little Pigs

The much loved song Five Cheeky Monkeys.

Keith and his coworkers have created a progressive winter scene felt display where they are adding new pieces every day or so.

My contribution for the week consists of another fun Christmas counting rhyme – Reindeer Cookies

and Alice the Camel

Alice the Camel

Jessica  is hosting the last roundup of the year next week.

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Our November/December Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother is Anne

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Flannel Friday Roundup April 29, 2016

So many lovely contributions this week.

 Anne shares a fund rhyme Going to the Pet Store using animal puppets which could be adapted for almost any animal that have on hand.

Kathryn from NC, USA shares lots of rabbit felt sets – with some colour matching thrown in ( includes a free printable)

Carol made a simple colour recognition flannelboard for a goose themed preschool storytime

Miss Meg provides a colour sorting printable

Lisa has shared a spring magic bag – such a good idea – included is a video detailing how she uses magic bags in her story time.

Jessica shared a rainy day story time with an umbrella felt set

Jessica also shared Where, Oh Where has my Little Kite Gone

Wendy shares a really adaptable idea for exploring sizes

Sandra from Nebraska shares an Arbor Day post about trees

Katie has contributed a Baa Baa Black Sheep Prop Song

Leslie Has a Little Mouse hide and seek game lego style

Lastly,  Kate from Armidale, Australia shares her interpretation of Five Little Raindrops inspired by Flannel Friday.

Thankyou to everyone contributing this week.

Armidale in Autumn


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Five Apples in a Basket

Five Apples in a Basket Felt Board Magic

The first apple in the basket was bright and shiny red.
The second apple in the basket said “My ,what a cosy bed”
The third apple in the basket said “Make room for me your pair”
The fourth apple in the basket said “Please, move over there”
The fifth apple in the basket said “Oh dear, oh me, oh my!”
This basket looks like pastry—I think we’re in a pie!”

I’ve added this felt set set to my collection of Apple Harvest themed felt boards where we sort apples by size and colour. We count apples and match numerals and number words. We retell the Dr Seuss classic 10 Apples Up on Top. We sing and we chant. We play and discover and along the way we learn.

Apple Counting Baskets Words Felt Board Magic Little Worm Hide and Seek Felt Board MagicWay Up High in the Apple Tree Felt Board MagicApple Seed Counting Felt Board MagicApple Colour Sorting

Apple Basket CountingTen Apples Up on TopA P P L E

Apple Harvest Felt Board Pattern eBook

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