Three Little Pigs

I love folk tales – their simplicity makes them so easy for children to retell.

Today, I am sharing a work in progress – a felt version of the three little pigs.

First, let me introduce the three little pigs:

Three Pigs

and here is the big bad wolf, I’m not entirely happy with him yet:

Big Bad Wolf

I’ve made each of the little pigs houses so that as each house is blown down the the pig can run to the next house, open the door and move in.

Straw House

The straw house is big enough for one pig. But when the big bad wolf blows it down he can run to seek safety the house made from sticks.

Two Pigs in the Stick House

At last all three pigs are safe and sound in the brick house.Three Pigs Safe in the Brick House

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

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