Penny the Counting Penguin Felt Set

Penny the Counting Penguin Felt Set

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Penelope the Penguin – Penny to her friends loves to count fish as she eats them.

Penny is so hungry- her tummy is empty and she needs her friends to help her count fish so she can eat them.

Choose the number of fish Penny would like to eat.

Then count until Penny has that many fish in her tummy.

Lots of opportunities to practice counting. Talk about the colors of the fish. How many will fit into Penny’s tummy.

Mathematical concepts can be expanded by talking about how many fish are in her tummy and how many are waiting to be eaten.

The numbers also provide an opportunity for children to link the numeral with the number of fish counted

This felt set includes:

Penny the Penguin who is Penny is 27cm tall (11 inches) and 23.5cm wide (9.5 inches)
Numeral 1 -10 each 4.5cm tall(1.75 inches)
10 Fish each 5.5 cm long ( 2.25 inches).
Laminated Rhyme Card