Five Cheeky Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Five Cheeky Monkeys Felt Board Magic

 Five cheeky monkeys swinging in a tree
 Teasing Mister Crocodile:
“You can’t catch me, You can’t catch me.”
Along comes Mister Crocodile,
Quiet as can be, And SNAPPED that monkey
Right out of that tree!

This is a tried and true favourite song  set amongst the preschool group. 

Five Cheeky Monkeys Five Cheeky Monkeys

I’ve made this felt set a few time now, in lots of different colours.

The crocodile has changed over time. This is the original design that I made three years ago. Now he has a second dark layer of spines/ spikes along the back.

Monkey Scene

The pattern for Five Cheeky Monkeys  is included in the pattern book

 Classic Felt Board Songs

Classic Felt Board Songs eBook

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