Kitty Cat Party Hat

This is a fun interactive game which encourages vocabulary development, colour and pattern recognition and turn taking. Depending on the concepts you are trying to develop you can make the party hats using ether plain coloured fabric or patterned.

The cat is 9cm tall (3.5 inches)

First, talk about the party hats, highlighting colours and patterns and any distinguishing features.

Then, hide the cat underneath one of the party hats.

Then chant with the children:

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat

Playing hide and seek.

Are you under the [colour or pattern] party hat?  

Let’s take a peek.

Children take turns guessing which party hat the cat is hiding under by identifying a party hat by colour or pattern and removing it to search underneath for the cat.

For example:

Are you under the pink party hat?


Are you under the stripy party hat?

Inspired by: Piper Loves the Library