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  • Four Birthday Presents

    This is fun birthday rhyme that encourages counting and colour recognition.
    Four birthday presents and they’re all for me,
    I’ll unwrap the green one and now there are three.
  • Halloween 1 Pattern Collection

    Halloween 1 Felt Set Pattern Collection
  • Five White and Spooky Ghosts

    Tune: Five Green and Speckled Frogs Five white and spooky ghosts Doing what they love the most Scaring some most rambunctious kids Boo! Boo! O...
  • Little Bat Hide and Seek Colours Game

    This is such a fun and interactive Halloween colour identification game.

    Little bat, little bat
    Where could you be?
    Is that you behind the (colour) witch hat I see?

  • Five Little Ghosts

    Five little ghosts flying through the door,

    One went home and that left four

  • Five Little Bats on a Dark, Dark Night

    Five little bats on a dark, dark night.
    Five little bats are quite a sight.
  • Today I Have a Birthday

    This is super simple felt cake for celebrating birthdays. Have lots of fun counting the removable candles. The cake including the cake stand is 30c...
  • Five Candles on a Birthday Cake

    Five candles on a birthday cakeFive, and not one moreYou may blow one candle out,And that leaves four! Four candles on a birthday cakeThere for al...
  • Five Christmas Gingerbread Men

    Five little gingerbread men on a tray.One jumped up and ran away.Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can !I’m pretty fast, I’m the gingerbread man...
  • Five Little Birds

    This felt set can be used explore counting and colours. There was one little bird in the one little tree“He was  so alone and didn’t want to be,so ...
  • Five Little Neeko Cats

    I am so pleased to host a felt set created by Stephanie Stokes – Director at StoryTime Japan, from Pasadena, California who shared this Asian The...
  • Five Little Birthday candles

    Five bright birthday candles and not one more,The purple one got blown out  (blow)Then there were four. Four bright birthday candles, pretty as can...