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  • Five Valentine's Hearts

    Five Valentine's Hearts to give away.
    Five Valentine's hearts on Valentine's Day.
    “I love you” is what they say.
    I’ll give one to mummy today.

    A fun counting song for Valentine's Day.

  • Valentine's Perfect Match

    A Valentine’s Day Felt Set which promotes the development of early numeracy skills. Match the Hearts and Numbers.

    H E A R T a fun Valentine's Day version of the traditional BINGO Song.

     I made a valentine for you,
    The heart shape means “I love you”
    H – E – A – R – T
    H – E – A – R – T
    H – E – A – R – T
    The heart shape means “I love you” 

  • Five Valentine's Cookies

    Five Valentine’s cookies at the bakery shop
    Heart shaped with icing on the top
    Along came a friend with a dollar to pay
    S/he bought a Valentine’s cookie to give it away. 
  • Scat the Cat

    Scat the Cat is such a fun and interactive color story. It encourages children to think about colors in their environment. Scat the Black Cat has a magical hat that he can use to change colors. Blue like the sky, green like the grass. A great educational resource for library storytime, preschool circle time, family day care and homeschool preschool.
  • Dog's Colorful Day

    Dog’s Colorful Day: A Messy Story about Colors and Counting
    by Emma Dodd Adapted for the felt board by Kate McKnight. Learn about colors and counting as we accompany Dog on his adventures around town.
  • Go Away Big Green Monster

    Adapted for the felt board by Kate McKnight
    from the book Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley
    The Big Green Monster had a big scary green face.
    (place Green Monster Face on the flannel board)....
  • Mouse's Halloween House

    This is a lovely story about a mother mouse building a home for her baby mice.

    She finds a pumpkin and starts to renovate and in the process makes a jack-o-lantern.


  • Five White and Spooky Ghosts

    Two great Halloween Counting Rhymes.

    Five white and spooky ghosts
    Doing what they love the most
    Scaring some most rambunctious kids

  • Two Little Ghosts

    Tune: Two Little Blackbirds  Two Little ghostsLooking at youOne named WheeAnd one named booFly away WheeeFly away BooCome back WHEECome back BOO...
  • Five Little Jack O Lanterns

    Five little jack o lanterns sitting on a gate;   The first one said, "Oh my, it's getting late." The second one said, "There are bats in the air....
  • Little Bat Hide and Seek Colours Game

    This is such a fun and interactive Halloween colour identification game.

    Little bat, little bat
    Where could you be?
    Is that you behind the (colour) witch hat I see?