Little Bunny Hide and Seek

This is a fun interactive game that children love to play. It encourages vocabulary development and practice describing eggs by size.

This felt set is easy to make. No sewing at all.

This is how we play.

First, put the three different sized eggs on the felt board whilst discussing each egg’s size – you can use the words large, medium and small or big, middle sized and small or biggest, smallest, or largest – there are so many opportunities to expand vocabulary  in a meaningful and fun way.

Then, in a sneaky way,  hide one of the rabbits underneath one of the eggs. If children are younger you might need to let the rabbit poke out just a little in the beginning.

Then chant with the children:

Little Bunny, Little Bunny

Wont you come out and play

I wonder which egg your’re hiding under today.

Are you under the [large/medium/small ] egg?

Let’s take a peek.

Children then take turns guessing which sized egg the rabbit is hiding under by identifying an egg by size and removing it to search underneath for the rabbit.

If the child’s guess is incorrect replace egg and begin again.

Get your pattern for Little Bunny, Little Bunny Hide and Seek here