Little Chick Hide and Seek

This is a fun interactive game that children love to play. It encourages vocabulary development and colour recognition.  Depending on the concepts you are trying to develop you can make the eggs using plain coloured felt as I have or introduce patterns. This felt set is easy to make. No sewing at all.

This is how we play.

First, talk about the eggs, highlighting colours, perhaps you could count them as well.

Then,in a sneaky way, hide the chick underneath one of the eggs. If children are younger you might need to let the chick poke out just a little in the beginning.

Then chant with the children:

Little Chick, Little Chick

Playing hide and seek.

Are you under the [colour ] egg?

Let’s take a peek.

Children take turns guessing which egg the chick is hiding under by identifying an egg by colour and removing it to search underneath for the chick.

For example:

Are you under the red egg?

If the child’s guess is incorrect replace egg and begin again.

Get your Little Chick, Little Chick Hide and Seek Felt Board Pattern