Little Mouse Hide and Seek Colors Game

Little Mouse Hide and Seek House Colors Game is a fun interactive game which encourages vocabulary development, color recognition, and turn taking.
The number of houses used during the game can be reduced for younger children or particular colors can be chosen to focus on specific learning goals. 
How to play:
Before you start to play place the houses on the felt board.
Hide a mouse underneath one of the houses.
Then, talk about each of the houses naming each of the colors.
The children then try to guess which house the mouse is hidden under.
By chanting :
Little mouse, little mouse
Playing Hide and Seek?
Are you in the (color) house?
Let’s take a peek

Children take turns guessing which house the mouse is hiding under by identifying a house by color removing it to search underneath for the mouse.


Get the pattern to make your own Little Mouse Hide and Seek Color Game