Little Worm Hide and Seek Sizes Game

This felt set enables children to practice describing the apples by size using an interactive game that children love to play.
This is how we play.
First, put the three different apples on the felt board whilst discussing each apple’s size – you can use the words large, medium and small or big, middle sized and small or biggest, smallest, or largest – there are so many opportunities to expand vocabulary  in a meaningful and fun way.
Next, in a sneaky way hide the worm behind one of the apples. If children are younger you might need to let the worm poke out just a little in the beginning.
Then, chant together :
Little worm, little worm
playing hide and seek.
Are you under the large/medium/small apple.
Let’s take a peek.
Children then take turns guessing which sized apple the worm is hiding under by identifying an apple by size and removing it to search underneath for the worm.
 If the child’s guess is incorrect replace apple and begin again.
The apple’s I’ve created are quite large the largest apple is 15cm by 16cm and the smallest is 7cm by 8cm so that it is easy to distinguish between the different sizes.
Although all of these apples in this felt set are red you could make a set with different colored apples – so that choices could be made based on colors. This could easily lead to a discussion about the different kinds of apples that you can eat and how they taste different.
This is a wonderful set to use when you want to investigate farms, food, Autumn, harvest, colours and sizes.