Pippa's Penguins

This is a lovely story about a little girl named Pippa who loves penguins and a grandmother who tries to make her one from fabric scraps but just can’t seem to get it “right”.

Adapted by Kate McKnight from the original story Pippa’s Penguin written by Susan M Dailey

This is the full script for Pippa’s Penguin, it includes suggestions for how to use the felt set to perform the story and promote quality learning experiences as well as encouraging audience participation.


Pippa’s favourite animals were penguins. She loved the way they waddled on the ice and swam in the ocean and the way they could slide on their tummies.

When Pippa went to visit her Gran each week they would read books about Penguins and watch movies about penguins and sometimes they would visit the aquarium to see real penguins.

One day after a trip to the aquarium, Pippa’s Gran asked her if she would like her to make a penguin. Pippa said “Yes please, Gran I would love a penguin made by you”.

So Pippa and her grandmother searched through Gran’s basket of fabric.

“What about a penguin made from red fabric” asked Gran.

(Put Red penguin on the felt board)

“”No Gran, that’s silly!“ said Pippa “Penguins aren’t …..red

 (pause for children call out the penguins color)

They’re black and white.

Next they found some orange fabric.

(Put orange penguin on the felt board).

“No Gran. Penguins aren’t red and they aren’t ….orange

(pause for children call out the penguins color).

They’re black and white.

So Pippa and her Gran kept looking.

Next Gran found some beautiful yellow fabric.

Gran said “What about this, your penguin could be as gold as the sun”.

(Put yellow penguin on the felt board).

But Pippa said “No Gran, penguins aren’t red and penguins aren’t orange and penguins are definitely not …. yellow. They’re black and white”.

Gran was getting quite worried as there wasn’t much fabric left in the basket.

Next they found some green fabric.

 (put up the green penguin).

Pippa said “Who ever heard of a green penguin Gran.

Penguins are not green, they are black and white”.

Gran pulled out the last two pieces of fabric from the basket.

She said “I don’t suppose  you’d like a blue ( put up the blue penguin)

or purple penguin ( put up the purple penguin ). It’s all the fabric I have left.


Pippa said “Gran penguins are not red and they are not orange and they are not yellow.

And they are definitely not green or blue or purple. They’re black and white.”

Gran said “You know that this is only a pretend a penguin don’t you, Pippa”.

But  Pippa said “But Gran, the penguins I like best are black and white”.

It was time for PIppa to go home.

So Gran said “I’ll keep looking, I must have some black and white fabric somewhere”.

The next week Pippa came to Gran’s house again.

Gran said “Close your eyes, I have a surprise”.

“Is it black and white” asked Pippa.

“Yes” said Gran.

“Does it waddle and slide on its tummy” asked Pippa

“Yes” said Gran.

“Does it swim in the ocean” asked Pippa

“Yes “ said Gran and put a penguin into Pippa’s hands.

Pippa opened her eyes.

(put black and white polka dotted penguin on the felt board)

and said “Oh Gran. You are silly”.

Penguins aren’t red and they aren’t orange and they aren’t yellow or green or blue or purple.

And they really aren’t black and white polka dotted.

But I love you and I love my polka dotted penguin.

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 Original Author: Susan Daily story available here