Polar Bear's Underwear

Inspired by Polar’s Bears Underwear by Tupera Tupera and One Little Librarian’s Adaptation for Story time and What Color is Bear’s Under Wear by Todd Doodler.

Help Polar Bear find his favorite Red Underwear.

Before starting:

Use a tissue box or similar to become a washing machine. Fill the “washing machine” with underwear trying to ensure the red underwear that fits perfectly is found last.

This felt set includes ten pairs of undies that fit Polar Bear Perfectly, one pair that is red but too small and one pair that is red but is much too big.

Oh no! Polar Bear lost his favorite underwear AGAIN!
He really wanted to wear his red undies but where could they be?

Oh where or where did my red underwear go?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
I looked up high and I looked down low
Did someone hide them from me?

 Maybe the red underwear isn’t hiding, maybe its in the washing machine?

One by one pull underwear from the washing machine.

Ask the children if it is the red pair that Polar Bear is looking for.

Talk about the color of the underwear.

After trying the underwear on Polar Bear, put the underwear on the board next to Polar Bear. Then sing the song again.

When the red underwear that is too big or too small is found talk about who it might fit.


Cheer when the perfect red pair of underwear is found.

Put the red underwear on Polar Bear.


Then count 1-10 all of the underwear that fits polar bear, and talk about their colors and what color underwear everyone likes the best.


Buy the pattern to make your own Polar Bear’s Underwear

Buy Polar Bear’s Underwear felt set