Rainbow Paint Brushes

This is a wonderful memory and color recognition game which encourages children to learn about the colors of the rainbow and challenge their ability to determine which paint brush has been removed.

This is how to play:

First, place the paint brushes on the felt board in the order of the rainbow – red orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

Talk about the colors of each brush and how they form the colors of the rainbow.

Next, either have the children cover up their eyes or turn the board around so that they can’t see and remove one paint brush.

The recite the following rhyme:

“I know the colors of the rainbow,
Do you know them too?
If one color was missing,
would you know which hue?

Then ask the children which color paint brush is missing.

To make the game more challenging put the paintbrushes in random order instead of rainbow order.  Then remove one brush and ask them to tell you which one is missing.

Change the game to suit the ability of the children playing.