Teddy Wore a Red Shirt

Teddy Wore a Red Shirt - Felt Board Magic
This is a fun song  where the children sing together to help Teddy get dressed.
Children learn about colors, getting dressed and clothes as they play.
 How to play
 First show the children Teddy and explain that he needs some clothes.
 How about some underwear first?
Here’s some, what color are they? White!
Tune: Mary had a Little Lamb
Then sing about his underwear.
Teddy wore white underwear,
white underwear, white underwear
Teddy wore white underwear
all day long!
How about a shirt?
Here’s one, what colour is it? Red!
Teddy wore a red shirt,
red shirt, red shirt
Teddy wore a red shirt
all day long!
Repeat with yellow socks,

Blue Pants
 and black shoes.
The pattern for Teddy Wore a Red Shirt is available in the Felt Board Magic Store