Who has the Fish?

This is a fun game of hide and seek where the fish is hidden under one of the penguins.

Each Penguin is a different size, each penguin has a different colored bow tie and a different quantity of  buttons.

The tallest penguin is 17.5 cm (7 inches) and the smallest is 7.5 cm (3.25 inches)


First, Put all three penguins on the felt board and discuss their different attributes – how they are different.

Children will be able identify the penguins by:

Size – largest, smallest, middle sized, big, small, medium, tallest, shortest, large, small.

Bow Tie Color – red, blue, yellow

Number of Buttons – one, two or three

Perhaps ask the children to think of names for the penguins that start with a P – for example Paddy, Pablo and Polly.

This is how you play:

Hide the fish under one of the penguins.
The children then try to guess which penguin has the fish.

Little fish, little fish
Playing hide and seek,
Which penguin is hiding you? – the largest penguin, the middle sized penguin or the smallest penguin?
Let’s take a peek

Then peek under the penguin to see if the fish is there.
If not continue with another penguin.

Alternative questions

Which penguin is hiding you? The penguin with a red, blue or yellow bow tie?

Which penguin is hiding you? The penguin with one, two or three buttons?

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