RAINY R-A-I-N-Y Weather BINGO Song Felt Set Pattern

RAINY R-A-I-N-Y Weather BINGO Song Felt Set Pattern

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RAINY Weather BINGO Song Felt Set Pattern

This is a super simple felt set to make. Having the letters on the felt board promotes the recognition of letters and builds an understanding of the link between the name of the letter and what the letter looks like.

 Tune: BINGO

There was a day when we got wet
And Rainy was the weather.
R-A-I-N-Y, R-A-I-N-Y, R-A-I-N-Y
And Rainy was the weather.


Each raindrop is about 9cm high (3.5 inches). 

 This felt set

  • Can be made in less than an hour
  • Requires very few skills and needs only readily available tools and materials
  • Requires no sewing at all. Just cut the felt and assemble.
  • The simplicity of this design and the detailed instructions provided enables anyone to create this high quality educational resource which can be used again and again.
  •  Each of the felt pieces is large with simple embellishments enabling all children to see them easily, especially during small and large group activities.

Each felt board pattern includes:

• A complete list of felt and supplies required.
• Full sized patterns – just print and use – no need to enlarge, reduce or duplicate.
• Detailed step by step instructions.
• An activity card template containing the instructions for the activity ready to print, laminate and use.

This listing is only for purchase of PDF pattern to make the felt board set featured in the pictures. No actual felt board set will be sent to your address.

Text, Patterns and Images ©2021 Copyright Kate McKnight, Felt Board Magic

All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Please do not share, sell, reproduce or redistribute this pattern in any way.