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  • Five Valentine's Hearts

    Five Valentine's Hearts to give away.
    Five Valentine's hearts on Valentine's Day.
    “I love you” is what they say.
    I’ll give one to mummy today.

    A fun counting song for Valentine's Day.

  • Valentine's Perfect Match

    A Valentine’s Day Felt Set which promotes the development of early numeracy skills. Match the Hearts and Numbers.

    H E A R T a fun Valentine's Day version of the traditional BINGO Song.

     I made a valentine for you,
    The heart shape means “I love you”
    H – E – A – R – T
    H – E – A – R – T
    H – E – A – R – T
    The heart shape means “I love you” 

  • Five Valentine's Cookies

    Five Valentine’s cookies at the bakery shop
    Heart shaped with icing on the top
    Along came a friend with a dollar to pay
    S/he bought a Valentine’s cookie to give it away.